About Us

Our slogan says: Taking Tradition Forward. Our company is built on solid foundations, supplying goods to customers across the world on a daily basis for the past six decades. But we do not take this success for granted.

We are here because we understand the changing needs of the diamond business and we know that service must be at the heart of everything we do.

We do not simply sell diamonds – we aim to provide a total solution for all our clients.

We have always been committed to providing our customers with precisely the diamonds that they require. There are no compromises, and we always keep our standards high.

The second and third generation of the Schnitzer family is involved in the business established in the 1950s by the late Moshe Schnitzer. We are here in good times and bad, and our aim has always been to create long-lasting relationships.

Our Diamonds

At S. Schnitzer Diamonds Ltd., we manufacture round and fancy cuts from 10 points up to 20 carats. We are one of Israel’s leading diamond manufacturers and exporters with offices in Ramat Gan, New York, and Hong Kong.

With many decades of experience in the diamond trade, we have developed a wide range of sources of rough diamonds. And that is a significant advantage in enabling us to supply polished diamonds at competitive prices.

We market our diamonds all across the world – from the United States to Europe, the Far East and Australia.

We strive to produce diamonds that will live up to the highest standards. We ensure that our diamonds are manufactured to the strictest international standards and requirements, including those of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.


For a family so steeped in the diamond industry, diamonds are part of the S. Schnitzer company DNA. But with a well-known name comes responsibilities. Our company was built on the deepest business and ethical foundations. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service, integrity, consistency and professionalism and building long-lasting business relationships.

Our client list spans the world, from Asia to Europe and North America, and includes some of the world's finest jewelry brands, jewelry manufacturers, diamond wholesalers, high-end jewelry shops, diamond investors, and collectors. For us, there is no difference between a customer buying a moderately priced diamond and a client buying an expensive stone. We supply a wide range of customers.

Our reputation has been built on three generations of the family. We believe in working hard every day to maintain our name. The company secured it through hard work and we preserve it with our professional outlook and attention to detail.


The Schnitzer family came into the diamond industry in the 1940s, with the work of the late Moshe Schnitzer. One of the founders of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), Moshe Schnitzer served for 26 years as President of the Israel Diamond Exchange.

Shmuel Schnitzer
CEO and Chairman of S. Schnitzer Diamonds Ltd.,
Shmuel Schnitzer served as President of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) from 1998-2004 and 2013-2015; and Chairman of IDI (Israel Diamond Institute) between 2015-2018. Mr Schnitzer also served as President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) for four years.

Mr. Schnitzer is Honorary Life President of both the IDE and the WFDB. He is Member of the Presidium at the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association, where he serves as Chairman of its Judiciary Committee.

Shai Schnitzer
President of S. Schnitzer Diamonds Ltd.,
Shai Schnitzer has established a number of platforms for polished diamond trading and rough sourcing. He is also active in a number of high-tech companies, some of which are involved in the diamond trade.

Ben Schnitzer
Managing Director of S.Schnitzer Diamonds Ltd., Ben Schnitzer is an experienced technological and financial business manager.

Contact Us

S. Schnitzer Diamonds Ltd.
1 Jabotinsky St., Diamond Exchange Maccabi Bldg.
Suite 1236, 12th Floor, Ramat-Gan 5252001, Israel
T: 972-3-575 6600,
F: 972-3-575 6601
E: Diamonds@sSchnitzer.com

S. Schnitzer Diamonds (USA) Inc.
50 West 47th St. Suite 1720
New York, NY 10036
T: 1-212-398-6933
F: 1-212-398-6970
E: NY@sSchnitzer.com

S. Schnitzer Diamonds (HK) Ltd.
70 Queen’s Rd. Central, Suite 2310
Crawford House, Hong Kong
T: 852-2810-7786,
F: 852-2869-8820
E: HK@sSchnitzer.com

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